Rivotril: Find out what it is for and how to use it safely

Clonazepam, popularly generally known as rivotril, is an anxiolytic generally prescribed to folks with anxiousness, despair, and panic assaults. It is a drug belonging to the “benzodiazepine” group, which inhibits the nervous system and has a sedative and sedating impact. “In the physique, it works by lowering anxiousness and pressure, and it additionally helps management seizures,” says Dr. Ariel Lipman, M.D. in Psychiatry and Director of the SIG Therapeutic Residency.

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However, it ought to be made clear that medicine alone can not treatment psychological sickness. The collaborative work of execs specializing in psychological well being is commonly featured. In addition, due to negative effects, it can solely be offered with a prescription that was saved on the time of buy.

What is Rivotril used for?

According to psychiatrist Dr. Ariel Lipman, rivotril helps deal with the next circumstances:



  • injury anxiousness;|
  • |

  • Bipolar dysfunction;
  • |

  • insomnia;
  • |

  • restlessness;
  • |

  • Panic assaults;
  • |

  • Epileptic seizures and convulsions.
  • |


drug results

A psychiatrist explains how the drug works within the physique: “Anyone who takes the drug might turn into drowsy and calmer due to a rise within the results of gamma-aminobutyric acid, a serious inhibitory neurotransmitter within the mammalian central nervous system.”

Can Rivotril be addictive?

Like different black medicine, clonazepam ought to be used underneath medical supervision as a result of it could cause chemical dependence, relying on the time of use. Therefore, medical intervention is essential. It is essential not to self-medicate underneath any circumstances,” mentioned the physician. Ariel Lipman. In addition, skilled monitoring is additionally vital to keep away from overdose circumstances that may trigger severe well being dangers equivalent to reflex deficits, sleep apnea, and coma.

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What are the types of governance??

The acceptable dosage of this drug ought to be decided by a psychiatrist based mostly on the wants of every affected person. For this, particular points equivalent to weight, age and kind of illness are analyzed. The drug is out there in three varieties: oral, sublingual and pill. According to the Ministry of Health of the Federal District, it ought to be taken after meals and earlier than going to mattress as a result of it causes drowsiness.

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Rivotril might trigger drowsiness and headache

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Side results of Rivotril

to escape Adverse reactions, anxiolytic ought to be used underneath the correct steerage of a specialist doctor. “In addition to the helpful results on the affected person, we can not rule out some issues brought on by the drug. In some folks, Rivotril could cause complications, extreme sleepiness or insomnia, nausea, extreme irritability, issues with motor coordination, and extra,” explains Dr. Ariel Lipman.

Who cannot use Clonazepam?

According to info supplied by the Ministry of Health of the Federal District, this drug is contraindicated for people who find themselves hypersensitive to clonazepam or any element current in its formulation. It is additionally not advisable for folks with extreme respiratory issues and liver failure.

Doctor. Ariel Lipman highlights different conditions by which the drug is not indicated: “It could cause apnea, and is additionally contraindicated for these accountable for every day driving and transportation. It also needs to not be utilized by folks with chemical habit,” says the knowledgeable.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Rivotril

According to Dr. Ariel Lipman, use underneath medical supervision is secure and efficient and has a low worth in contrast to others with comparable provides available on the market. This makes it accessible to a big a part of the inhabitants. “Drug injury is totally different for every particular person. It might trigger extra hurt than good relying on the affected person’s situation. “Unfortunately, the product is usually trivialized, a scenario that creates a social misunderstanding concerning the significance of utilizing the substance,” says the physician.

Warnings together with different medicine

As Dr. defined. Ariel Lipman, if mixed with some medicine, rivotril can lose its effectiveness as a result of the flawed combination could cause severe negative effects. Among the substances that alter the results of the drug:



  • alprazolam;
  • |

  • amitriptyline;
  • |

  • phenobarbital;
  • |

  • chlorpromazine;
  • |

  • diazepam;
  • |

  • Valerian.
  • |


Therefore, earlier than utilizing the drug, seek the advice of a psychiatrist, solely he could make an acceptable indication. In addition, if potential, proceed remedy underneath the supervision of a psychologist.

*By Vitoria Rondon

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