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A photo of a 92-yr-outdated girl with out sunscreen on her neck has been circulating on social media in current days. The picture, from an instructional article, exhibits the distinction between ladies’s pores and skin with and with out filter safety.

The data within the article signifies that it was utilized by an outdated girl sunscreen at the least 40 years, however solely on the floor.

Faced with the stunning publication, many doubts arose correct use of the pores and skin filter. According to dermatologist Patricia Frizzo, member of the SBD (Brazilian Society of Dermatology), this product is indispensable in on a regular basis life and needs to be used even when not uncovered to the solar.

“Sunscreens that assist cut back the dangerous results of the solar’s rays are crucial. These merchandise cut back the quantity of ultraviolet radiation from the solar that reaches our pores and skin by absorbing, scattering, and or reflecting radiation. Depending on genetic predisposition, over time, ultraviolet rays could cause pores and skin most cancers could cause hurt,” explains Patricia.

According to the dermatologist, just like the older girl who obtained the virus, “the gland is often probably the most missed space for solar safety,” however she emphasizes that “forgotten areas” must also be addressed.

“Sunscreen needs to be used each day, even on cloudy and wet days, and needs to be utilized everywhere in the physique. Don’t neglect about different components of the physique that may be affected by the solar’s rays, such because the ears, neck, chest and fingers. Open areas additionally deserve to be taken care of.”

In addition, the dermatologist explains that the product needs to be utilized at the least half-hour earlier than solar publicity and reapplied all through the day and after contact with water.

“When within the solar, it’s endorsed to apply sunscreen each two hours. On a each day foundation, we advocate reapplying it within the morning, at lunchtime and within the afternoon, at a mean interval of 4 hours. .”

the sum of the protector

“The correct quantity is 2 ml (equal to one teaspoon) on the face and neck and 10 ml (about three tablespoons) for the remaining of the physique,” instructs the dermatologist, who additionally emphasizes the significance of SPF, the solar issue. to defend.

“SPF is nothing greater than the quantity of time that pores and skin with sunscreen might be uncovered to the solar in contrast to unprotected pores and skin. Sunscreens with increased SPF ranges supply extra safety. Sunscreens with an SPF of at the least 15 are really useful,” says Patricia.

“People with lighter complexions who produce much less melanin (the protein that offers hair coloration and protects cells from the dangerous results of photo voltaic radiation) ought to select sunscreens with the next SPF,” he concluded.


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