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  • 2022-09-16 02:25
  • Author: Solange Pinto
  • Photo writer: João Dinis

It occurred on Thursday evening, fifteenth of Septemberon thicketa bullfight that, in consequence of postponements resulting from unhealthy climate, grew to become the first of the Feira Taurina with a stage in the Praça de Toros Daniel do Nascimento.
The knights moved António Palha Ribeiro Telles, Gilberto Filipe, João Moura Júnior, João Ribeiro Telles, João Salgueiro da Costa and Paco Velasquez, with handles that deal with the Group of Forcados in Aposento da Moita.
The bulls are taken care of Passanha Sobral, with the bullfighting monitor he registered about two thirds of the entries.

Since I used to be a bit of woman I keep in mind that the week of Festas da Moita was an necessary one in the season and extra, that the whole lot stopped… In the holidays of the ’employees’ at house, this week is all the time reserved. It’s sacred like that.
The land of my Mother Squarefor us, all the time sharing a number one position with others, resembling Campo Pequeno, Vila Franca, Santarém or Setúbal, however the square of my mother’s landall the time particular… for us and many individuals.
When the cartels at the prime Moita Bullfighting Fairit’s inconceivable to decide on one or two races and then, with much less or higher monetary effort, the Fair lives in its entirety.
In the square of my mother’s landthe figures from Spain, the sprints, the pitchforks on the floor and even the debut of the garments from the new Autumn/Winter assortment are anticipated … In the square of my mother’s landeverybody needs to win, as a result of it is price it … and everybody needs it, in the financial institution and in the enviornment!
This Thursday, at The Bullring on My Mother’s Land, in the financial institution, about two-thirds had been occupied and I really feel that the supply of bullfighters is measured and measured… Could be extra, extra!

Honorable to do with Moura Junior. The just one who confirmed any intention of something from the first time he joined the lead of his opponent. Finally victory. The first excessive was left to the luck of the cage, labored nicely, then folded in a pleasant end. I do not take into account it an apotheotic victory. It wasn’t. But this can be a combat with the need to ‘change the system’… Right in the brief openings, with the persistence of a Mourina, which has been clear, however not sensible, the end result of ‘parsimony‘ of the bull at that second, nevertheless, the one which expressed the most … Epilogue of a palm of the coronary heart, in an exhibition with one other rotation…

João Ribeiro Telles he held a twin present together with his normal stars.
Long and brief initials, good for correction, with out a lot compromise, however taking part in all the playing cards of the Illusionist and his already recognized irons with the reverse python, leading to the purpose, the first of them.

The evening began with Antonio Telles and the third peak marked his efficiency marked by regularity, however with out the grandeur of others. This lengthy one is given in consequence of inspiration. In shorts, he efficiently fulfilled the normal {hardware}.

The bull dealt with by Gilberto Filipe, is the most intricate and least simple of the festivities and the one which breaks down the quickest. However, it needs to be famous that he had his combat… And he had, nevertheless, it was not an unforgettable evening for the bullfighter of Atalaia. In the lengthy ones there are some irregularities and in the brief ones, many descriptions of the state strategies. He left a ‘recourse violin’ in the finest second of his time in Moita.

João Salgueiro da Costa did nothing fallacious. On the opposite. It is all the time, leaving even a brief entry in entrance of a really lengthy be aware. The bull doesn’t broadcast and subsequently, the public is much less reactive, it’s not appreciated accurately. A worthy efficiency, however no bragging rights.

The equestrian chapter is closed, Paco Velasquez.
Good in the tall ones and all the brief ones he left, with good bullfighting particulars, in the purest rejoneo type. It shouldn’t be unhealthy for the world and the steadiness of his time with Daniel do Nascimento is constructive, attempting to depart a mark on the rider. It stands for its goal to ‘impact’, the final two banderillas, with a brief quote.

Leonardo Mathias gave dimension to his coaching once more, which this night ended with the seize of six bulls. He bought the first one and nicely, on the first strive. In the similar quantity of makes an attempt, that’s, one, they had been nonetheless caught João Freitas, Diogo Gromicho, Martim Cosme Lopes and André Silva. On the second strive, he bought the second bull in the order, the pitchfork. Tiago Valerio.

Presentation and trapio with awards and some ovations at the particular person entrances of the enviornment for the bulls of Passanha Sobral. Ethically, the emphasis is on ‘leaving’ with out elevating main issues, however with out the essential transmission to take action’sururu‘ at the financial institution.

The present was efficiently directed by Tauromáquico Technical Delegate Tiago Tavares, with veterinary recommendation from Carlos Santos.

Before the pageant started, it was fulfilled a becoming second of silence in reminiscence of Fernando Quintella for the success of the fifth anniversary of the deadly harvest suffered by square of my mother’s land

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