Here are 5 health problems that can cause hair loss

Hair loss is a standard drawback that causes discomfort and nervousness particularly in ladies. Although this isn’t all the time associated to health problems, it ought to function a warning if the hair loss is intense and long-lasting. When many strands fall out and the situation appears limitless, this situation could also be an indication of a health drawback and ought to be investigated.

The fundamental cause of hair loss is telogen effluvium, a situation that happens when hair stops rising and begins to fall out as a consequence of some stress the physique has skilled. An episode of telogen effluvium often lasts as much as six months and resolves with out the necessity for therapy.

O metropolises spoke with dermatologist Luanna Kyres, who discusses the primary health problems that result in hair thinning.

1. Infectious ailments

“After an infectious illness, we are inclined to lose extra hair as a result of our physique prioritizes different areas of the physique throughout restoration,” explains Luanna Kyres.

According to the physician, sufferers with infectious ailments equivalent to dengue and Covid-19 expertise a number of hair loss within the first three months of restoration. According to him, it’s anticipated to shed a number of hair throughout menstruation, and it additionally restores them with out the necessity for therapy. If the issue persists for greater than three months, it’s best to seek the advice of a dermatologist. An expert will carry out checks and prescribe topical or oral drugs.

2. Dysfunction of the thyroid gland

Another health cause of hair loss is hypothyroidism, one of the crucial frequent endocrine problems. When the thyroid gland is dysfunctional, the physique produces much less of the hormones it wants. Hypothyroidism is identified with a blood take a look at, however some frequent signs along with hair loss are dry pores and skin, fixed cramps, brittle nails, sluggish coronary heart charge, and complications.

Other hormonal dysfunctions can cause hair loss, particularly sudden adjustments or conditions of emotional imbalance, equivalent to extreme nervousness attributable to household problems or mourning a beloved one.

3. Alopecia

Luanna Kyres notes that hair loss can even be attributable to alopecia areata. It can be autoimmune (alopecia areata) or genetic (androgenetic alopecia). “In each instances, the hair turns into skinny and brittle; however there are therapies that can cease the deterioration of each situations.”

When alopecia is androgenic in nature, hair all around the physique turns into thinner, the hair turns into thinner, and the scalp turns into extra seen. When therapy fails, hair transplantation is the one resolution.

Alopecia areata is characterised by the looks of spherical plates with out hair development. This causes an individual’s personal physique to provide antibodies that assault the hair follicles, inflicting hair loss. It can be handled with corticosteroid injections and topical software of minoxidil, however the situation ought to first be evaluated by a dermatologist.

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4. Anemia

Anemia happens when hemoglobin, the protein chargeable for carrying oxygen within the blood, is low as a consequence of iron deficiency, blood loss, or vitamin B12 deficiency. The situation is characterised by a basic weakening of the physique, so it’s regular for hair fibers to weaken as a consequence of extreme fatigue and lack of blood and vitamins.

5. Lupus

Another health situation that can cause hair loss is lupus, an autoimmune illness that causes the immune system to assault completely different components of the physique. As a results of weakening the physique’s protection system, the illness typically results in the dying of hair follicles and leaves the scalp skinny.

“Treatment in a magnificence salon or by trichologists who would not have information of dermatology doesn’t resolve the issue like a cake recipe. You must see a physician to get an correct prognosis and recommendation on the most effective therapy,” emphasizes Luanna Kyres.

Because of the assorted situations and causes of hair loss, it is suggested to keep away from beginning therapy with out a clear prognosis.

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