Francisco J. Marques accuses the deputy of persecution and ‘shoots’: “I had the idea that nothing was happening to Benfica” – FC Porto

The trial of the ‘case of emails’ continued this Wednesday at the Campus de Justiça, in Lisbon. During the session, which occurred this morning, Francisco J. Marques thought-about that the emails revealed in the program ‘Universo Porto Bancada’, of Canal de Porto, have been of public curiosity and that is why he determined to reveal – them, remembering that BTV additionally publicized, for a number of years, Apito Dourado’s wiretapping. “How is it attainable to argue whether or not or not there’s a public curiosity? It’s apparent to anybody who has one. It was so apparent that even the New York Times took an curiosity in the article, the New Yorker journal, the most prestigious journal in the world, was thinking about the topic, however apparently, in Portugal, there’s a small faction that thinks that this type of factor has no public curiosity”, he careworn. “There is at all times a weight that it have to be measured between the good of the privateness of the proprietor of the info and the good of society in having entry to this info. communication from FC Porto. “Wiretapping is a way of investigation utilized by the authorities. Interestingly, there’s an entity that is offended by emails, however a BTV program spent years and years exposing the wiretapping and nobody did something. They learn the scouts and they had extra packages than us, nothing ever occurred, the Public Ministry by no means investigated something”, he lamented.

Francisco J. Marques additionally revealed that he handed over the paperwork to the Judicial Police in June 2017. “The first contact from the PJ was by means of a non-public quantity. I answered and the individual advised me it was from the PJ. individual from the PJ in a non-public quantity, however who was out there, as he had stated in the program, to ship every little thing he had obtained. A gathering was deliberate at the PJ in Porto. As there was a fantastic public effervescence, this was do in the library of the Porto da PJ rectory,” he careworn, guaranteeing that he delivered “97 or 98 p.c” of what he had obtained.

In addition, he added that he had by no means taken the initiative to hand over the paperwork to the authorities to keep away from justice. “The easy truth that I’m sitting right here as a defendant solutions the decide’s query. It has been 5 years since these revelations and so much has occurred in that time. We had gamers who confessed in court docket that Benfica tried to purchase them. folks employed by Benfica with essential positions and a seat in the board conferences to enter Citius and seek the advice of this similar course of, however the Prosecutor’s Office is chasing me and Diogo [Faria]🇧🇷 I had the idea that nothing was unsuitable with Benfica,” he fired.

“I considered it and determined not to hand it in. I believed that if I did hand it in, completely nothing would occur. I believed that what was in it was notably critical, with a number of issues from an moral level of view very reprehensible and that there was just one factor to do, and that was to make it public so everybody knew what was occurring. It made sense for soccer followers to know what was occurring,” he stated.

J. Marques additionally revealed that he was chosen to obtain the paperwork, beginning on April 6, 2017, as a result of of the approach he defended FC Porto in his program. “In November or December 2016, about three or 4 months earlier than I obtained the first mails, Univers Porto Bancada began. Whoever despatched me the mails thanked me for the approach they defended FC Porto. That’s what I stated the similar individual. That stated.” defined.


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