DF recorded 11 more confirmed cases of monkeypox

revealed 15.09.2022 18:50

(credit score: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

The Federal District registered 11 more cases of monkeypox this Thursday (15/9). According to the Epidemiological Report of the DF (SES) Health (*11*) on Monkey Disease, the middle has 245 constructive experiences. Among them, 9 cases have been in ladies and 236 in males.


The folder mentioned laboratory exams dominated out one other 488 cases beneath investigation. Another 194 suspects are being investigated. The epidemiological report exhibits that almost all are between 30 and 39 years previous, with 103 constructive diagnoses. Then got here the 20- to 29-year-olds, including as much as 93 confirmed cases. Among the aged from 60 to 69 years previous, two individuals have been contaminated with the illness.

Among the executive areas, Plano Piloto has the best quantity of cases: 48 cases. Another 53 have been canceled, 32 are beneath investigation and three are seemingly. Next comes Aguas Claras, with 31 constructive diagnoses, 18 dominated out, 13 beneath investigation and one possible.

What is monkey pox?

It is a zoonosis, a illness from animals that may be transmitted to people. This is a contagious virus.

How is it transmitted?

Infection happens by way of contact with contaminated supplies reminiscent of accidents, bodily fluids, respiratory droplets, and bedding. Person-to-person transmission happens in shut bodily contact with symptomatic people. Infection nonetheless happens by way of floor contact – the virus can stay for as much as 90 hours – or not too long ago contaminated objects.

How are you able to stop your self?

It is really useful to keep away from contact with contaminated individuals and to scrub arms totally. Do not share meals, private gadgets, utensils, plates, glasses, towels or bedding. However, these things may be reused after cleansing with normal detergent.

How lengthy can an individual transmit the illness?

The incubation interval of the virus ranges from a median of 5 to 21 days, and infectivity varies from the onset of signs to the absence of pores and skin lesions.

What are the signs?

The principal signs are pores and skin lesions and adjustments in physique temperature (above 37.5ºC). Also, an individual’s physique, head and throat might ache. The febrile interval lasts about 5 days. When the physique temperature drops, sores begin to seem on the pores and skin.

Initially, it’s a crimson sore, which rises and turns right into a blister with a colorless liquid. As the times go by, it turns yellow, heals, peels, after which peels off. There is not any fully asymptomatic affected person (no signs). All contaminated individuals develop pores and skin lesions.

Is there a treatment for the illness?

There is not any particular therapy for monkeypox. Medical care ought to embrace symptomatic therapy, administration of problems, and prevention of long-term sequelae.

Patients ought to obtain fluids and meals to take care of sufficient dietary standing and ought to be instructed to maintain affected pores and skin areas clear and dry. It is necessary that the individual doesn’t attempt to puncture or puncture the blister.

How lethal is the illness?

Deaths from this illness are uncommon.


With info from the DF (*11*) of Health (SES)


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