Alzheimer’s disease

Young age is the primary threat issue for the event of the disease. Current medicines will help management signs to enhance high quality of life for the affected person and caregiver.

September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day, established by the World Health Organization since 1994. This disease was studied by Dr. Aloisio Alzheimer, German doctor, 1906.

Alzheimer’s disease is a persistent disease that causes injury or lack of mind cells. There is not any remedy for this disease. Injuries to mind cells trigger modifications in reminiscence, consideration, focus, language, considering, and extra, inflicting modifications in an individual’s conduct and useful skills that worsen over time. As the disease worsens, skills are misplaced and interference with every day life (bathing, dressing, bathing, consuming, going to the bathroom,…) will increase, which causes extra dependence.

Age is the largest threat issue for growing dementia, however some threat elements might be modified:

– management of hypertension and diabetes;

– average alcohol consumption;

– give up smoking;

– Lose weight. Obesity is a threat issue for dementia, however it is usually a threat issue for hypertension and diabetes;

– Increasing bodily exercise. Physical exercise stimulates blood circulation within the mind, helps stop different illnesses resembling diabetes, and helps with stability and muscle energy;

– Not solely by enhancing the varsity training of kids and adolescents, but in addition by psychological workouts of adults (for instance: crosswords, sudoku, letter soup, studying, puzzles, taking part in dominoes, drawing, stitching, DIY, amongst others). Activity and stimulation notebooks created by the Alzheimer Portugal Association can be found for obtain and use by customers and caregivers (;

– Isolation from society. Health and well-being rely upon participation and reference to family and friends and participation in social actions (cultural golf equipment, volunteering) to fight loneliness;

– Compensation for listening to loss. A hearing-impaired particular person can’t work together with different folks, which ends up in diminished cognitive stimulation and will increase the chance of dementia;

– rising the publicity of much less polluted inexperienced areas;

– Seek assist for well timed therapy of despair;

– Reduce the chance of falls and forestall falls that result in head accidents by following security guidelines.

Medications can be found to manage among the signs related to Alzheimer’s dementia. Although they can’t remedy disease or stop mind injury, they will enhance the standard of life for the affected person and their caregiver(s).


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