A rare and serious illness, neuromyelitis optica can cause blindness and paralysis

Published 09/16/2022 06:01

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When it involves rare ailments, the query is why concentrate on a subject that does not have an effect on so many sufferers. However, info is without doubt one of the best allies of early prognosis, which frequently saves an individual from irreversible penalties.

And that is neuromyelitis optica (NMO), often known as Devic’s illness or syndrome. The autoimmune situation, if not correctly recognized or handled, can result in full imaginative and prescient loss or paralysis of the limbs.

The problem of prognosis and the similarity of the illness to different autoimmune circumstances, similar to a number of sclerosis, stop the estimation of the prognosis of affected sufferers. However, it’s believed that between 3,500 and 7,000 individuals in Brazil are presently dwelling with the illness. But what’s neuromyelitis optica and how can we acknowledge its signs?

A illness

– Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is an autoimmune and neuroinflammatory illness. Felipe von Glech, scientific coordinator of neurology on the Brazilian Academy of Neurology and professor of neurology on the University of Brasilia (UnB), warns that, along with being rare, it’s serious.

– In NMO, the physique begins to assault a protein known as aquaporin-4, or AQP-4, that’s extremely concentrated within the mind, optic nerve, and spinal wire. “Nobody is aware of why but, however the physique creates antibodies to destroy this protein,” provides Felipe.

– Anti-aquaporin-4 antibodies bind to proteins and enhance irritation in broken tissues, inflicting them to cease functioning utterly.

– When the immune system assaults the optic nerve, imaginative and prescient might lower or, relying on the severity of the assault, there could also be sudden blindness in a single or each eyes.

– When the disaster hits the spinal wire, there could also be weak spot, ache or rapid paralysis of the limbs. Loss of urination, defecation and management might also happen relying on the realm of ​​the spinal wire affected. A disaster can be native or common.

– “Progression and severity differ significantly between sufferers, and the assaults and severity of the illness can’t be predicted,” explains neurologist Thiago de Faria Junqueira.

– The physician provides that inside three years, 69% of individuals will lose sight in at the least one eye. Within six years, roughly 18% of sufferers will lose imaginative and prescient in each eyes, and 34% might have everlasting motor impairment.

warning indicators

– Symptoms individuals ought to be careful for are momentary lack of imaginative and prescient, eye ache, temperature sensitivity, sensitivity and tingling, weak and heavy legs.


– The prognosis is made by a take a look at for the presence of anti-aquaporin-4 antibodies within the blood, and though it’s included within the record of extra checks of the National Health Agency (NHS), it’s not included within the Unified Test. Health Care System (SUS).

– Neurologist Felipe von Glech says that with the fitting therapy, the affected person can lead a standard life. However, because of the complexity of prognosis, many include irreversible penalties.

To deal with

– There isn’t any remedy for NMO, however it’s handled in the identical means as different autoimmune ailments. Felipe explains that in the course of the epidemic section, when the irritation is lively, corticosteroids are used.

– Then different medicine are used, which aren’t particularly indicated for NMO, however which scale back the affected person’s immune response, weaken the illness and scale back the chance of disaster.

– Symptoms differ and might point out different pathologies moreover NMO, particularly a number of sclerosis and different autoimmune ailments. The physician explains that any symptom that persists for greater than 24 hours warrants a neurologist’s examination.

an professional’s phrase

How is NMO totally different from a number of sclerosis?

Some experiences nonetheless have some contradictions because of the problem in understanding all of the mechanisms of an autoimmune illness. Some currents and some authors imagine that Dewick’s illness is a extra serious manifestation of a number of sclerosis. However, it is a self-inflicted illness and the cause remains to be unknown. One of the principle methods NMO can be distinguished from different autoimmune issues is its look, which is often distinctive, and a take a look at that assesses the kinds of antibodies which can be appearing. Because of the similarity of signs, a cautious analysis is critical.

Why is the development of NMO irreversible?

In most instances of neuromyelitis, when there’s a very aggressive spinal wire harm, necrosis happens in that space. The prognosis could be very poor as a result of the disaster can cause necrosis of neurons in essential areas of the spinal wire or optic nerve. For instance, in a number of sclerosis, some injury can be reversed due to the proteins that encompass the nerve. It’s additionally one of many strategies that helps with prognosis: if there are persistent lesions, it is extra more likely to be NMO. Although the injury can’t be compensated, the illness won’t progress if handled.

Amauri Araujo Godinho is a neurologist and neurosurgeon at Santa Lucia Hospital


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