″We show that there is no charge for the horse door″

FC Porto’s communications director, Francisco J. Marques believes that the consequence of this complete case is constructive for Portuguese soccer

Francisco J. Marques stated this Wednesday afternoon at the Central Criminal Court, at the Campus da Justiça in Lisbon, that, in his opinion, the disclosure of Benfica’s emails, which he helped convey to Porto Canal, between 2017 and 2018 , had a constructive influence on Portuguese soccer.

“We, with the disclosure, have two principal objectives. The first of which is the public curiosity. The second, essential, is to cease such practices”, he stated, referring to some allegedly much less moral habits, reported in a few of the e-mails. mail.

“That truly has an impact. We really feel that the ambiance of soccer competitions has modified”, he continued, indicating that a refereeing official requested the reds for “tickets to see the recreation in Dortmund”. “I feel this sort of follow is misplaced and one in every of the causes is exactly that, to show that there is no charge for the door of the horse”.

In this sense, for J. Marques, the FPF, “which is an establishment” of public utility, “can not pay Benfica by means of the again door”. “The president of referees asking for tickets is unreasonable,” he stated. “Stopping it is essential and we make these revelations serious about it too”, continued the director of communication for the dragons, accused on this case, after the disclosure of Porto Canal in an e-mail that could be obtained from in Benfica’s pc system.

Francisco J. Marques started testifying Wednesday, concluding his remarks tomorrow. Another defendant is the former director of Porto Canal, Júlio Magalhães, who will seem in court docket on the twenty first.

Diogo Faria, content material director of Canal dos Dragões, is the third defendant, who has been submitted to questions from the choose, prosecutor and attorneys involved.

Francisco J. Marques is charged with three felony counts of mail or telecommunications offense, three felony counts of aggravated mail or telecommunications offense, three felony counts of aggravated mail or telecommunications offense, three felony counts of breach of privateness, and against the law of improper entry. The communication director of FC Porto is additionally accountable for 5 aggravated offenses towards a authorized individual and an offense towards a company physique, aggravated after a personal accusation.

The content material director Diogo Faria is accountable for against the law of violation of letters or telecommunications and against the law of inappropriate entry, along with against the law of violation towards a authorized individual, aggravated in a personal accusation.

Finally, Júlio Magalhães was accused by the Public Ministry of three aggravated crimes of violation of letters or telecommunications, of apparently consenting to 3 crimes of intrusion into personal life, in addition to 5 aggravated crimes of trespass towards a authorized individual.


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