″Not just one SMS from Fernando Gomes, there are many″

FC Porto’s Director of Communications was in court docket on Thursday to conclude his testimony within the Benfica emails case

Francisco J. Marques, the communication director of FC Porto, stated this Thursday in court docket that the investigation of a cellphone of Fernando Gomes was one of the explanations that led him to decide on to confide in the general public a set of data contained in emails taken from Benfica’s pc. system.

While he was defending on the Central Criminal Court, Campus da Justiça, in Lisbon, the data contained within the cellphone belonging to Fernando Gomes (on the time he was the president of the Liga and now holds the identical place within the FPF) was transmitted to Pedro Guerra (who’s a tv commentator linked to Benfica) by Carlos Deus Pereira, who’s “a boss of the GA da Liga board on the consulate of Mário Figueiredo”. The latter can be “a former Benfica participant, a lawyer, an everyday presence within the Liga na Luz field”.

J. Marques alleged that Carlos Deus Pereira “has an obligation to be neutral and neutral” and that, at the moment, he “despatched tons of of SMS” taken from a cellphone belonging to Fernando Gomes when he’s the president of the League. “It is just not an SMS, there are some, in an excel file, despatched to Benfica”, stated Marques in court docket.

As he stated, “a president of the AG of the League sending info to a membership is just not pure. Sharing the confidential matter of a membership isn’t acceptable. For me, from an moral perspective in perspective, that is diploma zero. inconceivable,” he stated.

This Thursday, Marques completed his statements within the aforementioned trial, the place he was one of the three defendants. Another defendant is the previous director of Porto Canal, Júlio Magalhães, who will testify in court docket on the twenty first.

Diogo Faria, content material director of Canal dos Dragões, is the third defendant, who has been submitted to questions from the decide, prosecutor and attorneys involved.

Francisco J. Marques is charged with three felony counts of mail or telecommunications offense, three felony counts of aggravated mail or telecommunications offense, three felony counts of aggravated mail or telecommunications offense, three felony counts of breach of privateness, and a criminal offense of improper entry. The communication director of FC Porto can be liable for 5 aggravated offenses towards a authorized particular person and an offense towards a company physique, aggravated after a personal accusation.

The content material director Diogo Faria is liable for a criminal offense of violation of letters or telecommunications and a criminal offense of inappropriate entry, along with a criminal offense of violation towards a authorized particular person, aggravated in a personal accusation.

Finally, Júlio Magalhães was accused by the Public Ministry of three aggravated crimes of violation of letters or telecommunications, of apparently consenting to 3 crimes of intrusion into personal life, in addition to 5 aggravated crimes of trespass towards a authorized particular person.


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